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Western Pleasure Guest Ranch Corn Bread Recipe

08/09/2014 3:42:53 PM

There are many types of corn bread out there. Some are grainy and some are soft. Some are fluffy and some are dense. This is no ordinary corn bread recipe. It is moist with just the right texture. This is a guest favorite at the Western Pleasure Guest Ranch and we always make sure we have plenty to go around. It's also very easy to make. Here is our recipe below. We hope you enjoy the corn bread as much as we do! This recipe serves 32. For smaller servings divide recipe and use a 11 x 13 baking pan instead.


1 lb butter
3 c. sugar
1 1/2 cups whole eggs
7 C. flour
3 C cornmeal
1 T salt
1/4 C. baking powder
5 C. milk
2 C. milk


  1. Cream together sugar and butter until mixed through
  2. Mix together the flour cornmeal, salt and baking powder
  3. Add the flour mixture along with the eggs and 5 cups milk to the butter mixture just until mixed through. Do not overmix.
  4. Add 2 cups milk and then whip with whisk
  5. Place batter in greased hotel pan and bake at 325 degrees F for 45 minutues or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean.
Corn Bread Recipe
Western Pleasure Guest Ranch Corn Bread

Lone Mountain Ranch Pork Loin

11/08/2014 12:42:50 PM

Lone Mountain Ranch started off as a cattle ranch in 1915 in Montana. Enjoy a large number of activities, cozy cabin accomodations, stunning natural beauty and scrumptious gourmet cuisine. One of the dishes you may have had these delectable pork chops by ranch chef Nick Steen. He takes the American classic pairing of pork and apples and puts his own unique spin on it. Here he shares his recipe with you.


1 Montana Raised Pork Tenderloin,
Cleaned Salt
½ cup Apple Juice
½ cup Tennessee whiskey
4 Tbsp Pure Maple Syrup
1 Stick butter
10 Fingerling Potatoes
Grape Seed Oil


  1. Wash potatoes thoroughly and boil potatoes till they are soft and easily pierced with a fork.
  2. In a medium sauce pan, combine apple juice, whisky, and maple syrup.  Reduce this mixture by half, remove from heat and slowly add butter.
  3. In a medium sauté pan, add 2tbsp of grape seed oil and bring up to medium high heat.  Sear pork tenderloin all around with a golden brown color and begin to glaze with a pastry brush until the tenderloin is evenly coated and cooked.  Pull from heat and allow to rest.  Serve at desired temperature.
  4. Once the tenderloin has rested, glaze one last time.  Slice and serve. Enjoy!
Lone Mountain Pork Loin
Lone Mountain Pork Loin

Chile Relleno Casserole From Burnt Well Guest Ranch

08/07/2014 6:42:48 PM

Burnt Well is a real working cattle and sheep ranch located in New Mexico who accepts a few guests to ensure the stay is truly authentic and customized. They are open year round and can accommodate everything from avid riders to beginners. New Mexico is famous for their Green Chile crops and one of the mealtime staples at Burnt Well Guest Ranch is Chile Relleno Casserole.  They love their chile, so much so that their State Question is “Red or Green?”We thank them for sharing their special recipe.

Chile Relleno Casserole (Serves 4-6)


Freshly roasted green chile, peeled and seeded
 Grated cheese (Burnt Well Guest Ranch uses a blend of Mexican cheeses)
 2 eggs
 ½ cup flour
 2 cups milk


  1. Preheat oven to 350-375 degrees.  Grease a 9x13 baking dish and line the bottom of the dish with whole chiles.  Layer a generous amount of grated cheese on top of the chiles.
  2. In a medium bowl beat together eggs, flour, and milk.
  3. Pour over the cheese and bake until set and the edges are beginning to brown, usually about 30-40 minutes.
  4. Remove from oven and cool. Serve immediately.
Chile Relleno Casserole
Chile Relleno Casserole

California Dude Ranches

25/06/2014 1:15:45 PM

When planning a vacation within the State of California, there are obvious, predictable tourist destinations. There are also some ultra expensive luxury vacations, specifically designed to be appealing to the rich and famous, yet unaffordable for most travelers, particularly families. However, many individuals, couples and families have crossed over the boundaries of what is common, exercised a little adventure, stayed within their budgets, and created lifetime memories by choosing an incredible California dude ranch vacation. A dude ranch vacation can be relaxing, with plenty of unscheduled time to just sit back and enjoy the peaceful natural surroundings. It can also be an action filled adventure with horseback riding, fishing, hiking, rafting and more. California dude ranches abound with choices for travelers with either style of vacation in mind, and most often they offer the perfect blend of both.

California dude ranches
Photo Courtesy of Coffee Creek Ranch

The Coffee Creek Ranch, located in Northern California is 367 acres of natural, pristine wilderness that lies along the banks of the Coffee Creek. For fly fishing enthusiasts, this is a dream location. If pack riding or shorter trail riding is more your style, they tailor to suit your needs to ensure your expectations are exceeded. Everything about Coffee Creek, from their comfortable and cozy cabin accommodations, to their freshly prepared, delicious  hearty meals says they want to be sure their guests stays are truly enjoyable. With budget friendly options, Coffee Creek is definitely a contender for one of the best guests ranches in California.

Coffee Creek Ranch

Howard Creek Ranch Inn is another California dude ranch offering truly amazing options for adventurous travelers. There are Pacific beaches, mountains, the California Redwoods and so much more awaiting to be discovered at this 60 acre ranch located on the Mendocino coast. With horseback riding that can include beach or mountain rides, and plenty of options for vacationers that seek relaxation too, Howard Creek Ranch is a true gem. With a lovely variety of unique comfortable rooms, a breakfast menu that is sure to delight and incredible outdoor activities - Howard Creek is a favorite that guests return to year after year.

Howard Creek Ranch Inn

Marble Mountain Ranch is unparalleled in their ability to offer ‘sea to summit adventures’. Whether it is  awe inspiring views on a mountain trail ride, steelhead fly fishing, white water rafting or even a jet boat tour into the Pacific ocean - Marble Mountain Ranch has it all! One can hardly believe that with all the activities, the superb dining, and the lodging that is sure to satisfy - they keep their regular prices affordable, and promote discounted rates for specials throughout the season.

Marble Mountain Ranch

California is a state with so much beauty, and variety. Taking advantage of the ‘natural playground’ at one of the dude ranches in California is an ideal way to leave the worries and stresses behind - and enjoy some family time, one on one time, or even just ‘me’ time. Travel back in time to the days of the ‘old west’, but with all the convenience and comforts we have to enjoy now at a dude ranch in California! When planning a vacation within the State of California, there are obvious, predictable tourist destinations. There are also some ultra expensive luxury vacations, specifically designed to be appealing to the rich and famous, yet unaffordable for most travelers, particularly families. However, many individuals, couples and families have crossed over the boundaries of what is common, exercised a little adventure, stayed within their budgets, and created lifetime memories by choosing an incredible California dude ranch vacation. A dude ranch vacation can be relaxing, with plenty of unscheduled time to just sit back and enjoy the peaceful natural surroundings. It can also be an action filled adventure with horseback riding, fishing, hiking, rafting and more. California dude ranches abound with choices for travelers with either style of vacation in mind, and most often they offer the perfect blend of both.

Best Peanut Butter Bars

05/02/2014 12:02:58 PM

You can't beat peanut butter and chocolate for being one of the most classic and delicious flavor combinations. Here is White Stallion Ranch's secret recipe for their yummy peanut butter bars. It'll surely be hard to keep these peanut butter treats around for too long.

Peanut Butter Bars
White Stallion Ranch's Peanut Butter Bars

¾ c. shortening
¾ c. peanut butter
1 c. brown sugar
1 large egg
1 tsp. vanilla
1 ¼ c. flour
1 ¼ c. oatmeal
¾ tsp. baking soda
¼ tsp. salt
1 c. chocolate chips

  1. Preheat oven 350 degrees
  2. Cream the shortening, peanut butter and sugar until thoroughly mixed.
  3. Add the egg and vanilla, combine well.
  4. Sift together the flour, oatmeal, soda and salt.
  5. Add  the flour mixture into the creamed mixture.
  6. Spread the dough by hand over greased and floured 9”x13” baking pan.
  7. Bake 15 minutes until sill chewy. Immediately sprinkle on the chocolate chips and spread over the bars when melted. Swirl topping (recipe follows) over the chocolate.
  8. Cut into squares and serve
Peanut Butter Topping

1 c. powdered sugar
½ c. peanut butter
1 tsp. vanilla
2-4 Tbs. Milk, as needed

Beat topping ingredients well, using enough milk to get a creamy consistency, then swirl over the chocolate.

Red Horse Mountain Ranch Resort

04/11/2013 6:21:30 PM

Have you ever wanted to ride off into the sunset with your pals? The Red Horse Mountain Ranch, hidden away in the scenic mountains of Idaho, gives you the opportunity to do that and a lot more. It is a picturesque, family-friendly dude ranch that offers vacationers the opportunity to take pleasure in the great western outdoors, spend some quality time with family and friends, and enjoy an iconic experience.

Red Horse Mountain Ranch
Gorgeous scenery at Red Horse Mountain Ranch

Red Horse Mountain Ranch offers the following amenities:

  • rustic and luxurious accommodations
  • chef prepared meals
  • horseback rides for adults and kids over 3 years of age
  • whitewater rafting
  • mountain biking,
  • downhill mountain biking
  • scenic boat rides
  • fishing trips
  • fly casting lessons
  • a 3D archery trail
  • hikes, swimming and kayaking
But if you are looking for a laid back vacation style, then this dude ranch has plenty for you as well. They also offer a romantic getaway for couples. It comes complete with the cozy suites, beautifully designed meals, hot tubs, and the memorable experience of being tucked away in a far off ranch nestled on 300,000 acres of Idaho’s Rocky Mountains.

Red Horse Mountain Ranch
Romantic cabin at Red Horse Mountain Ranch

And then there are the Girl’s Getaway weeks held twice a year. Ladies are invited to enjoy the company of their best friend on the beautiful surroundings of the ranch, doing activities that they absolutely love.

Red Horse Mountain Ranch
Girl time at Red Horse Mountain Ranch

When you are looking for a dude ranch experience that is perfect for the whole family, you can’t go wrong with the Red Horse Mountain Ranch Resort!

Breakfast Ride Potatoes

23/07/2013 10:42:50 AM

This great breakfast recipe is courtesy of White Stallion Ranch a dude ranch in Arizona. It's very easy to put together and you can  prepare the potatoes and bacon ahead of time so that you can serve these quicker to the hungry masses in the morning. Serves 10-12

Breakfast Potatoes
Breakfast Ride Potatoes   

  1. At 350 degrees bake 8 medium size potatoes, buttering the tops first.  Cool the potatoes overnight in the refrigerator.
  2. Fry or bake 10 pieces of bacon until they are crisp.
  3. Dice the potatoes to the desired size.
  4. Crumble the crisp bacon into the dices potatoes.
  5. Season the potatoes with:2 Tbs. paprika, 1 Tbs. onion salt, 1 Tbs. Granulated onion, 1 Tbs. pepper
  6. Mix the potatoes in a little oil in a medium heated cast iron skillet - over a mesquite fire in the breathtaking SonoranDesert at the White Stallion Ranch! - Until they are browned and hot.
  7. Ready to serve!

Can I Really Relax At A Dude Ranch?

22/04/2013 11:57:30 AM

Dude ranches - aren’t they places where you actually do ranch work? So, what makes them popular vacation places anyway? Many people are quite hesitant about dude ranch vacations because they think they won’t be able to relax. Contrary to what most people believe, staying in a ranch or farm does not mean that you will be staying in run-down cabins or feeding the horses. There is a wide range of accommodation options when it comes to choosing dude ranches. If you are up for that really rustic and hands-on experience, then there are ranches like that. In places like these, you can expect to go about the day just like the wranglers and cowboys do.

Accommodations are usually barebones, but comfortable of course. Meals are home-cooked and prepared just like they are every day. Here, you get to do ranch chores and get your hands dirty. If you are thinking of relaxing and unwinding though, then you do not have to worry. There are larger dude ranches that are designed as vacation destinations. If you are not up for horseback riding or animal grooming, you can unwind by getting a massage, swimming in the pool or playing golf. Or, you can stay in your cozy room or cabin while your spouse or children frolic about and enjoy the outdoors.

Meadowlake Ranch in Oklahoma is located just west of Tulsa, Oklahoma. They have over 1,000 acres of rolling hills, prairie meadows, waterfalls, spring-fed lakes and limestone bluffs.

There are activities for all ages. You can fish, hike, canoe, swim, ride horses, throw tomahawks, rope a straw calf, shoot a bow & arrow, pitch horseshoes, shoot a rifle and pistol or go on a hayride.

Meadow Lake Ranch

All cabins are heated and air conditioned w/ a full kitchen, modern bathroom, king size bed and queen or king futon, TV w/ DVD player, stereo system and patio. You can also stay in an authentic Indian tipi. Indian tipis feature a chiminea for evening campfire and sleep up to 6 on padded cots. 3 private bathrooms are nearby w/ hot showers, modern toilet, sink, mini-fridge & microwave, plus charcoal grills on the lodge patio.

Tipis and Meadowlake Ranch

Echo Valley Ranch is located in British Columbia and is a luxury resort that combines the best of East and West. The fusion of eastern and western influences is best seen at the spa, where both western massage and Thai treatments soothe muscles and mind

Echo Valley Ranch Spa
The spa at Echo Valley Ranch

The dining options encompass dishes from east and west, fueled by produce from the ranch livestock and kitchen garden. Meals are all prepared by their on site gourmet chef.

Echo Valley Ranch Food
Gourmet Food at Echo Valley Ranch

Other activities aside from horseback riding include hiking, bird watching and fly-fishing, as well as trips to white water rafting and golf. Winter options range from snowshoeing to ice fishing and snowmobiling. Echo Valley is an idyllic spot for weddings and elopements, and caters to meetings and retreats for corporate groups. These are just two examples of how you can easily relax on a dude ranch vacation. Dude ranch vacations truly have something for everyone as long as you select a dude ranch that has activities and amenities to suit your vacation style.

Ranchseeker can assist you in finding that perfect dude ranch by providing you access to our database of dude ranches, all free! Just use our handy dude ranch search engine.

Shangrila Guest Ranch

06/03/2013 8:02:58 AM

RanchSeeker would like to welcome a new Virginia Guest ranch to our website. Guest ranches in Virginia attract visitors with its rich history (it's the birthplace of eight US presidents), and the fact that the state has five distinct geographical and geological regions. Shangrila Guest Ranch, located in South Boston Virginia, is known for its true southern hospitality.

Catering to couples, families and groups the Shangrila Guest Ranch has one goal in mind: to accommodate each individual on a personal level while ensuring a pleasant, memorable vacation experience. Shangrila Guest Ranch is one of Virginia’s year-round guest ranches. Accommodations at Shangrila Guest Ranch are varied and offer rustic charm with the addition of modern conveniences. All lodgings have a view of horse pastures and provide an ideal haven for visitors to relax. With activities all year long no matter what your favourite season is there is always something fun for singles, couples and families to do. Children love the guest ranch whether they are collecting eggs from the chickens; feeding the ducks and other farm animals the farm experience provides an excellent opportunity for quality time together.

Shangrila Guest Ranch
Shangrila Guest Ranch

Horseback riding is the featured activity at Shangrila Guest Ranch offering a variety of riding opportunities, however, the majority of guests start with little to no riding experience. All rides are guided and accompanied by experienced trail guides. You choose the kind of outing that best fits your schedule - anywhere from a one to two-hour ride, or an all-day ride with lunch on the trail. This is determined by your group and what you are comfortable with.

Shangrila Guest Ranch
Shangrila Guest Ranch

Shangrila Guest Ranch provides a family oriented atmosphere in a country setting. Take the time to slow down and enjoy life..... and take the memories with you of a lifetime!

Happy Trails!! 

Shangrila Guest Ranch
Shangrila Guest Ranch

The Hideout Guest Ranch

17/02/2013 1:27:24 PM

The Hideout Guest Ranch is an upscale guest ranch, located in the little hamlet of Shell, Wyoming (population 50), at the entrance of the majestic Shell Canyon and Big Horn National Forest in North-Central Wyoming. Wyoming’s nickname is the “Cowboy State,” and it’s no wonder. This beautiful region is filled with wilderness areas and a true Old West feel.

Wyoming dude ranches live up to the Cowboy State name in every way imaginable. Accommodations and the level of service at The Hideout Guest Ranch make this guest ranch more like a boutique than your typical ranch. With two culinary schooled chefs the food is Western gourmet style and always something to remember. Most of The Hideout's riding and activities staff is year-around, which makes them very personable and experienced with the area. Experienced and non-experienced riders will feel at home here there are miles and miles of trails to ride on private, National Forest and BLM land in a variety of scenery.

When it comes to riding this is not a nose to tail ranch. Guests have the opportunity to participate in an authentic working cattle and cowboy experience with cattle drives round-ups, and branding.

Accomodations at The Hideout Guest Ranch
Accomodations at The Hideout Guest Ranch

Other activities include trapshooting, natural horsemanship and stockmanship clinics, massage, hot tub, fishing, hiking, canoeing, equine massage initiation, culinary classes, art events, photography clinics, guided visits to Yellowstone National Park, Cody, The Buffalo Bill Museum, Cody Nite Rodeo and much more!!  Are you interested in paleontology, archeology or geology? If so, you can participate in a walking, guided tour of the nearby Red Gulch Dinosaur Track site with a local expert. During the summer months, it is not unusual to meet with international scientists exploring and working on the many geological sites for which Wyoming is world renowned.

Horseback riding at The Hideout Guest Ranch
Horseback riding at The Hideout Guest Ranch

The Hideout Guest Ranch is the ideal vacation for family and friends alike though during the months of September and May it is mostly adult orientated. Wonderful food, fine horses, great adventures, and genuine western hospitality all await you at The Hideout. For your next guest ranch vacation consider The Hideout Guest Ranch!

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